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This is a Kilgen 3 rank unit organ, opus 5103, built in 1933. 

The organ was installed in the rear of a two car garage in far northeastern WI. It is in remarkably good condition, considering it's age, and the situation was made to fit into there.

This organ is listed on the OHS database :

The owner passed away, and the organ needed to be removed quickly so the property could be sold. It was in danger of being simply thrown into a dumpster and trashed.  I rescued it from that fate in May of 2019, and it is here in central WI ( 54960 ) at my shop, ready for a new owner.

Due care was taken in the removal process, and almost all of the organ has been saved intact.  In between my several trips to the site, the blower was taken by someone else, as well as the 8' Dulciana rank.  However, I do have a Wangerin Dulciana rank that will fit it pretty well, and can be included with the organ .

The new owner will of course need to install a control system of their choosing, and update the cotton covered wiring as needed.  I left plenty of pigtails of the old wiring on the chests and in the console, so tracing and sorting the wiring will be fairly easy.

All of the pipe supports, and chest supports are included, as well as the Durst 20 amp rectifier. It also comes with the curtain valve reservoir.  

In one of the videos I mention that the original swell shades are gone, but I do have a set of shades here that can go with the organ.   It does have a nice swell shade motor that is in great condition. In one of the videos I also make mention of a Quintedena, but that is not an actual rank – it is wired in the console to play the two appropriate pipes.

The pipework is as follows :

16' Bourdon / Stopped Flute rank – 97 pipes.  CCC pipe is 5” X 7” ID. CC pipe is 3 & 1/4” X 4” ID.  It has wood pipes up to # 62, and then 35 spotted metal open pipes.

8' Open Diapason – 73 pipes.  The CC pipe is marked scale 45.  The low 19 notes are zinc. The lowest 4 pipes are mitered to 90”. The rest of the 54 pipes are heavy common pipe metal.   The tuning slides are all present, but a lot of them are loose, as they were being kept tight by strips of electrical tape that has dried out over the years.

8' Dulciana – no pipes present, but space for 61 notes. I have a Wangerin Dulciana rank here that I will include with the instrument if you want it.  Some of those pipes have damage, but are fixable. I also know of several other ranks around my area that are available, and would likely fit without too much modification.  A Salicional and another Dulciana for sure, and perhaps an Oboe as well.   

It would be nice to see this organ find a new home as a complete instrument, but if it does not get interest from anyone in a month or two, I will be parting it out.  It currently is stacked neatly on ground level, and will be easy to load.  The pipes are not in trays though.

It is a good size for someone who wants a pipe organ in their home, as it does not take up that much space.   Or it would make a nice addition to an existing organ, as it is a very good condition 3 rank unit chest with actions for each note.  The leather pouches that I can see ( without taking the chests apart ) look to be in fine condition, and I did not notice any notes Not working during my test play.

If someone from Wisconsin would want this organ, I can assist with the moving of it to the new owners location.  I do not want to deal with out of state travel to deliver it though.  This offer would need to be discussed of course, and the price I get for it would have to include something for my moving help.

As Is, As Shown in the Photos, I'm looking to get around 2,500.00 for everything, not including moving it again.  I am open to considering ALL legitimate offers though.

 Kilgen Opus 5103  Photos:

 Kilgen Opus 5103 Survey Video :

Kilgen Opus 5103 Test Play Video :

You can contact me ( Larry ) via this e-mail :  LarryFX1 at yahoo dot com  , or by phone at : ( 41four ) - 25four - 333seven, till midnight CDT most days. Please, NO TEXTING !  ( All texts will be ignored, because if you cannot abide by this simple request, you are not qualified to do any deals with me.  ).

Please Take Note : Unlike some posters, I actually do read my e-mails. However, if you cannot compose a coherent one, it too will be ignored.

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