Price : $500.00 Michael Gibson
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Most of the ingredients for a great Hauptwerk setup:
-[SOLD]Three Allen 61 key wood-core manuals. 
-One AGO Allen pedalboard with built in magnets.
-Four Allen piston rails, pre-wired.
-Two ivory tracker organ manuals
-A3114 Hall Effect Sensors.
-Tons of neodymium magnets for the sensors and for adding tracker touch to the manuals.
-[SOLD]Box of 61 replacement Allen wood-core keys with springs.
Had to move to a smaller place, no longer have space for the organ console I was going to build.
Asking 300 for the set. If you want an individual part send me a message with an offer.


Location:Portland, OR
Price: $500.00

Phone: 9712581083

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