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I have assembled this Hauptwerk ready organ console with 2 manuals and pedals. The keyboards are Fatar TP61/6LP and are brand new. The Pedalboard is by Compton from one of their Electrone instruments, I believe and it is radiating and concave with 32 notes in a slightly compact format (see photo of the measurment between bottom C and top G for comparative purposes). The MIDI is all new from MIDI Boutique and this works the keyboards, pedals, pistons and Swell pedal. The pedal contacts are in a Hall effect loom also from MIDI Boutique and so should be trouble free. So the console connections simply entail plugging in to the mains and there is a MIDI cable to connect to an interface and computer. 
I am not including an interface, computer, screen or audio as this is best selected by the buyer to suit their individual needs. There is a solid oak organ bench which I am fairly sure is by Rushworth and Dreaper as it is in thier tradtional style. The woodwork is basically from an old Livingston instrument and has mahogany veneer. The dimensions in inches are 56 wide, 25 1/4 deep (not including the pedals or bench) 44 high (not including music desk) and from the back of the console to the back of the bench it is about 48. There are small doors either side of the keyboards and a Mac Mini could go in there to be out of the way. There are 8 generals, 8 divisionals to each manual and some others that can be + and - and reversers as well as one toe piston that I would use as a +. 
It is near St Asaph, North Wales and would require a van to be moved. I would strongly recommend coming to view and play the instrument before buying. 
Do see details of a demonstration of me playing it here: (YouTube Hauptwerk console for sale). 
This is advertised elsewhere so please be aware I might finish the listing sooner rather than later. Thanks for looking.  Price £2,750 (GBP).  Location St Asaph, North Wales, UK.

Location:St Asaph
Price: $4,741.00

Phone: +44 7770976981

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