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The new Cantorum Duo is a 2 manual portable organ by Viscount.

The last addition of the world acclaimed Cantorum line, offers 30 voices, convenient stoptab arrangement and built in amplification, providing everything at your fingertips to experience the latest sampled sound technology available in a digital organ.

The superb sound and the contemporary aesthetic make this genuine Viscount organ a remarkable yet affordable instrument. Whether you are a quality-conscious church or an organist on a limited budget, the Cantorum Duo is now available for any situation. The compact but sturdy cabinet is easy to move and allows you to use the instrument in a fully multifunctional way.

The Standard Kit includes the Cantorum Duo keyboard, stand, expression pedal, and sustain pedal.
Price: US$ 3,555

For more information on the Standard kit, or to purchase, go to our online store.

The Deluxe Kit includes the Cantorum Duo keyboard, deluxe stand, 30-note radiating concave pedalboard, expression pedals, and matching bench.
Price: US$ 6,580

For more information on the Deluxe Kit, or to purchase, go to our online store.

NOTE: This product is made in Italy by Viscount International SPA and ships from the USA.

Location:Markham, ON Canada
Price: $3,555.00

Phone: 1-888-812-9717

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