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Henry, Classic Organ Works

This Rodgers Cambridge 220 organ is available free - you just have pick it up from the present owner's home (or hire movers). It is near Toronto, Canada
The organ is in non-working condition, but the console is suitable for use as the basis of a Virtual Pipe Organ.  The roll-top console, bench, pedalboard, swell shoes, toe studs, are all reuseable.   The keyboards may be usable if you are mechanically and electrically handy!   We would recommend installing two or three CLASSIC MIDIWorks keyboards.
Call 1-888-812-9717 and ask our VPO specialists about conversion costs to make this console ready for use with Hauptwerk or OrganTeq.

Location:2800 John Street, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 1-888-812-9717

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