Price : $300.00 Lorna Looby-Crosse
14-01-20 0 Hits

Solid wood. Well-loved, vintage organ, in excellent condition. Beautiful finish and compact styled.

Price: $300.00

Phone: 4164755423

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Wanted: Keyboard/Manuals

Looking for two keyboards. Does not have to have MIDI contacts, I can add that myself. Also pedalboard and/or console would be great also. Thanks! Ryan,

32 AGO spec pedalboard

32 AGO spec Pedal board - This pedal board was removed from a Van Daalen tracker pipe organ.  It has rosewood colored sharps and is very pretty.  The naturals are a little worn on the most played notes, but otherwise it is in excellent condition.  Very…

3-manuals, ivory keys, NICE.

3 manuals, ivory key tops, paid $600 for a project that never came about.  Offering for $495.00 plus actual shipping.  Local pick up OK from Savannah, GA.  Swell has two octaves of key tops missing.  Otherwise, all in excellent shape. 

3-manuals, ivory keys, NICE.

Bought used for $600.00  Selling for $495.00 plus actual shipping costs.  Pick up OK.  3-manuals, ivory keys. Swell missing middle two octaves of key covers. Great and Choir are 100%.  Can send more photos.  Thank you.

Hauptwerk 4-manual console with Hereford sample set

4-manual Hauptwerk console • 4 manuals • Crank-Adjustable bench (not seen) • 142 lighted tab controls • 80 lighted thumb pistons • 25 toe studs • 4 expression shoes • AGO pedalboard • 4 red felt dust covers • 32gb computer with Hauptwerk Advanced…

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